Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is anyone following you?

Only because I was at a meeting with Dr. Mohamed Habib - the first deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood - yesterday, I never got any calls from my friends who used to call me on daily basis. So later on I called some and that's what I heard : 

My Palestinian friend asked "Are you sure no one is following you? What did you ask Muhammad Habib? Are you sure you'll be fine? "

My Iraqi friend said " What the heck ? Why did you go there ? These people are really dangerous."

My Egyptian friend said " I didn't call you because I felt for some reason you'd be arrested... and if they saw my phone number on your cell phone they'd suspect me."

I read a lot about the Muslim Brotherhood and I was really happy when we were at the meeting with Habib. I've always wanted to make sure how these people think and deal with others. I would say this is how a real Muslim should be like.

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