Friday, June 19, 2009

"Cairo, It is love at first sight"

By Nada Moselhy

The plane became more near to land in Egypt airport, just a look from that small window felt like it’s been ages since we left to our trip to Doha (to us Egyptians). Usually people hate the pollution in Egypt and the smell that may come across their nose in many places, whether from cars or just the street smell. It was weird that we felt we’re breathing again, after spending 10 days in Doha; feeling frustrated from the heat and the lack of a city feeling. No crowd, no locals seen much, except in the malls and nothing much to do except shopping; that’s what some of us felt in Doha. The plane landed with the excitement the 12 American students have to explore the city, even in the airport impressions already started to develop. Carrie Sheffield a student at Harvard University said “Women are more colorful here”. Yasmine Amer who is an Egyptian American living in the States said “I miss Egypt; I just want to take a walk in the streets of Cairo”

I was amazed by the impressions I got from our American friends about Egypt. Clifford Cheney said “There is more energy and I feel like it is less oppressive. It isn't like what I expected.” The feeling of a city made its way in their minds, where Rachel Heaton added “When I arrived in Doha, the first thing I saw was McDonald's. That didn't happen here. Instead I saw crowded streets and a city, and I mean city like how I define city - a place with its own pulse and vibrancies.”

Instantly everyone changed their Facebook status expressing their impressions about Egypt, where Steve Furay posted “Cairo, it is love at first sight. Please, break my heart gently.” And Carrie also added “In Cairo, it's hot, loud and dirty. Love it!” And the difference between the two places was very clear, Gregory White added “In Cairo, Soaking up the switch from culture less coast to center of civilization's creation.”

Though after some days, every feeling we had about Egypt will return to its normal place; hating the noise, the crowded and dirty streets. But still you can’t do anything except getting used to that and enjoy your time. And for others, Cairo is like an adventure that has to be taken with no regrets.

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So utterly true, Nada. Great post.