Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kebab and Curry

By Sarah Wali

In the midst of this development flurry,

A clash between kebab and curry.

Cash in one hand used for power

Giving small wages by the hour

Buildings rising from the desert’s midst

Islands give landownership a new twist.

Labor used, at times abused

Exit visas sometimes refused

Qatari national development

Ex-pats’ attempted adjustment

More than a million here to create

Something similar to Kuwait

A piece of advice for those who rule

Your laborer is no fool.

He sees your extravagant style

And may be thinking all the while

“Why should I be true to them

From where should this connection stem?

I work all day and sleep at night

My normal life is just not right.

I want my children next to me,

playing, and eating candy.

I miss my spouse in my bed

I can’t shake that feeling from my head.”

And from this longing for a life

You will create a deeper strife

Perhaps now you should worry

About a clash between kebab and curry.

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